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Confucian Values And Japans Industrialization :: essays research papers

 Confucian Values and Japan's Industrialization

Many factors helped aid in the dynamic growth that occurred in Japan and
the four little dragons during the post-World War 2 period. Some of these
factors were situational factors unique to the time but some of the factors were
cultural. The legacy of Confucianism in Japan and the four little dragons helped
to further the goals of industrialization that these nations had. The traditions
of Confucianism provided for Japan and the four little dragons both a pliant
public and a model for choosing competent leaders.
Confucian traditions placed an emphasis on the values of the group over
the individual. This helped industrialism by creating a pliant populace who were
willing to accept long hours and low wages and not question government policies.
The traditions of Confucianism taught workers not to question authority. These
traditions carried over into the post war period and allowed authoritarian
regimes in the four little dragons to go unquestioned by the public.

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